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Origin of the ATA Carnet System

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In 1961, The ATA Carnet Convention on temporary imports was adopted by the World Customs Organization to encourage world trade by reducing the barriers caused by varying national customs regulations.

National Guaranteeing Association
CCOIC is the national guaranteeing association of ATA Carnets under a set of conditions established by the World Chambers Federation, a division of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris. ATA Carnets allow temporary, duty-free imports overseas for goods generally qualified for use in trade shows or as commercial samples and professional equipment.

What are ATA Carnets
ATA Carnets, commonly known as “Merchandise Passports”, are international customs documents that simplify customs procedures for the temporary importation of various types of goods.
ATA Carnets ease the temporary importation of commercial samples (CS), professional equipment (PE), and goods for exhibitions and fairs (EF). They facilitate international business by avoiding extensive customs procedures, eliminating payment of duties and taxes, , and replacing the purchase of temporary import bonds. ATA Carnets can be used in China only for exhibitions and fairs (EF) and not for commercial samples (CS) or professional equipment (PE). 

Benefits of Carnets
·  Carnets save time, effort, and money.
·  One document, one application.
·  Valid for one year.
·  Accepted in70+ counties and territories.
·  Covers commercial samples, professional equipment, and goods for exhibitions and fairs.
·  Eliminates duties, taxes, and temporary importation bonds.
·  Paperwork in Chinese/English.