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Where are the new opportunities in the 2019 freight market?

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The total logistics cost to GDP ratio is still difficult to show a significant decline in the whole year. In particular, a large number of infrastructure projects are ready to start, and steel, cement and other raw materials that occupy a large amount of logistics resources are in strong demand for transportation, and it is more difficult to manufacture.

On the other hand, unless there is a major support policy, the capitalist's desire to integrate will not be too strong in this year, and the fight between retail investors will continue. Whether it is a logistics company or a retail investor, the price war in 2019 will intensify.
Who can survive and fight is the transportation efficiency. The survival priority that must be mentioned is to reduce the vacancy rate. At the same time, the increase of mileage per unit time (month) is also a way to improve transportation efficiency. Finally, the growth of consumer goods logistics will continue to be a bright spot.

Under the background of revolving iron and revolving water extrusion trunk logistics, the transition to high-efficiency organized short-haul, light-duty regional logistics and LTL logistics sectors may usher in new opportunities.