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On July 29th, the first 101 tons steel structure of 2015 Milan Expo Chinese Corporate Joint Pavilion sailed out from Shanghai Yangshan Deep-water Port. China Shipping takes charge of the through carriage of the batch, which will arrive at Renoa Port after 30 days and be transited to Milan Expo site, where the building project of Chinese Corporate Joint Pavilion will start officially.

  The theme of Chinese Corporate Joint Pavilion is “Chinese Seed”. The design of the pavilion was inspired by the strength of the life forming process: seed germination. Bao Steel provides all the steel structure, and all the other building materials also come from China. Chinese workers completed from row material, industrial technology to core technology, in order to show the exquisiteness of “Made in China”.

 China Shipping, as the global partner and the only nominated logistics service provider of 2015 Milan Expo Chinese Corporate Joint Pavilion, decided to authorize CSCL and CS Logistics to undertake the shipping job of building materials, decorations and equipments of the pavilion. Therefore, China Shipping established a specialized team to implement personalized service, so that both the sea and land logistics channel for the material need by the pavilion will be faster and clearer.