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Greece vows to maintain shipping focus

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companies, shipping minister Miltiades Varvitsiotis told delegates at Posidonia 2014.

“We want to maintain the competitiveness within the Greek shipping market,” said Varvitsioitis. “Greece will always be a proud shipping nation.”

“Two years ago in Posidonia, all the headlines were about Greece leaving the Eurozone,” he recalled. “Two years later, everyone is talking about the increase in tourism and increase of interest – and the success of this year’s Posidonia event.”

“We are very proud to announce that we have supported the regeneration of the European Union’s shipping policy and we will be following the IMO regulations and working more closely with the EU from now on,” Varvitsiotis told delegates.

Capital Product Partners chairman Evangelos Marinakis told the forum that there is a lot of growth in the market despite the current climate.

Marinakis told IHS Maritime: “There is a huge market out there that we need to service. Africa is a typical example – a huge continent developing and we, the Greek shipping community, can service that market.”