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The CKYH and Evergreen team up on one more FE-USEC service via Suez

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The CKYH partners and Evergreen are to team up on on a second Far East-USEC service via Suez with Evergreen to join the revised 'AWE 4' loop (25864), which is based on the existing namesake (25861) with a revised Asian range as the service is re-oriented from Vietnam amd South China to Central China (with Singapore also continuing to be served in both directions on the way to/from Suez. Evergreen will brand the service 'NUE 4'.

The rotation stands as follows : Singapore, Ningbo, Shanghai, Singapore ...(Suez)... New York, Norfolk, Savannah ...(Suez)... Singapore. It will continue to turn in 11 weeks with the 11 ships of 5,500-6,500 teu that use to ply it in its existing version. This new arrangement between CKYH and Evergreen comes on top of the agreement concluded in March between Hanjin, COSCO and Evergreen for the 'AWE 8 / AUE' to be launched this month (25862), using 11 ships of 7,500-8,500 teu, with K Line and Yang Ming taking slots (See related news).